Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Farewell gifts

The past two days have been hectic and tiring - our apologies for missed blogs!

Handing out the Izzy dolls the morning of our departure from NPH was heart breaking. The picture shows them after frenzied trading until they each exactly the right one! One girl's Izzy doll was an exact match to the purple pants she was wearing.

We left the orphanage with quite the fanfare and lots of tears from both volunteers and children - no doubt they will be seeing more of us in years to come! Off to Lima by dinner and early flight to Cuzco. The bus drive to Ollantaytambo was tiring as many of us tried to acclimatize to the high altitude - happy to say today we are feeling better and rejuvenated after a free day of exploring this last 'living' Incan town. More later... Debbie

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