Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Day at work

Awake at 6:00 (actually earlier) to the sound of barking dogs ... Continental breakfast (coffee, buns and peanut butter, granola bars) then off to work. Five different work teams ... Pictured below is the brick chain moving bricks into the baby house while singing 'ol Hiram's goat'! Another team sanding down the soccer standards to prepare to paint tomorrow ... Weeding the sandbox ... Painting one of the girl's houses ... And a carpenter crew building shelves. Great meals - a full breakfast at 9:30 ... Lunch (soup and sandwiches) at 1:00. If all that wasn't enough we played with the children at 3:00 - blob tag and grab the glove. Showers and personal time before dinner. Then movies with the older kids at 9:00 ... Life of Pi (Spanish) version. Me thinks I may be sound asleep by then!


  1. Back in Owen Sound ....we have a extreme cold spell with a-23 degrees Celsius going on until the end of the week at least!

  2. In Ottawa too.... enjoy the heat and yummy fresh fruit for us!