Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our next journey...

Our family now extends a half a world away from Georgian Shores. Children, staff and volunteers from Casa Santa Rosa have adopted us into their family. Monday was a difficult day, saying good-bye to all the beautiful people with whom we had worked and played. We will remain connected by a web of love.

After the NPH experience our team set out to learn more about our family's country - it's history, it's challenges, it's joys... From Lima to Cusco and the Sacred Valley, we travelled to Ollantaytambo, midway down the valley. We climbed (and climbed and climbed) into history as we explored Ollantaytambo's Ican ruins. To taste the country, alpaca stir fry and guinea pig burgers are offered side by side with pizza and pappa
fritos (fries). Its a fascinating country where Internet cafés and ABM exist at many historic sites, colorful markets and traditional lives.

Surrounded by awesome mountains and the ingenuity of the people, past and present, God's love of wondrous diversity is abundantly clear!


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